The associated journal of the British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies is C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-Century Writings. Originally launched in 2012, and open access since 2016, C21 Literature aims to create a critical, discursive space for the promotion and exploration of 21st-century writings in English. It addresses a range of narratives in contemporary culture, from the novel, poem and play to hypertext, digital gaming and contemporary creative writing. The journal features engaged theoretical pieces alongside new unpublished creative works and investigates the challenges that new media present to traditional categorizations of literary writing.

Articles are encouraged from academics, contemporary writers, publishers and readers. The journal publishes articles on 21st-century writings as well as reviews, features and opinion pieces from academics, readers and writers in the field, papers, review papers, case studies, rapid communications (letters), conference reports, and calendars of events and provides a range of advertising opportunities for publishers and academic institutions.

The journal is published by the open access publisher Open Library of Humanities and is supported by an interdisciplinary editorial board from North America, Europe and Pacific Rim under the direction of editor Dr Katy Shaw. The journal is published annually in hard copy as well as a downloadable e-format designed to be compatible with e-readers, PDF and smart-phone settings. This is designed to encourage full-range accessibility and bears a logical sympathy to the range of writings under discussion, many of which feature or are driven by online technologies.

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Image credits | The journal’s banner is a composite of three images:
‘Helios House’ by supergiball under a CC BY-NC-ND license.
‘Street art’ by Maureen Barlin under a CC BY-NC-ND license.
‘Graffiti, Shoreditch’ by Davide D’Amico under a CC BY-NC license.